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%TROIA%TROIA is flexible as well as database and operating system independent. CANIAS ERP, by virtue of its modern application architecture, offers a stable and robust application platform equipped with active monitoring and administration tools. The CANIAS ERP system architecture is based on the TROIA platform which has been developed using JAVA technology.


TROIA, developed completely by IAS R&D team and continuously has been adapted over the past 15 years, is flexible as well as database and operating system independent. It also offers a strong and scalable development platform with its modular and object oriented structure.


In its most basic form, the TROIA platform is composed of a programming language developed specifically for CANIASERP, and a communications infrastructure designed to accommodate client/server interactions based on the requirements of the CANIAS ERP system. Furthermore, TROIA incorporates in itself the current concepts and technologies of distributed computing. CANIAS ERP applications are developed using the TROIA language, and run on the TROIA client/server architecture. (See Figure 1).

Flexibility and the Architecture of CANIAS ERP
Figure-3 CANIAS ERP Software Architecture.


The CANIAS ERP, thanks to JAVA, can be operated on different operating systems (Linux, Windows, UNIX, etc.) and server architectures (32-bit, 64-bit, AS/400, etc.), and it is independent from the database and can be used with various database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.


  • Safe & secure online access to CANIAS ERP is guaranteed with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, in addition to the traditional safety precautions such as the user accounts, codes and authorizations .CANIAS ERP system utilizes advanced access safety technologies to counter access breaches and is one of the few contemporary systems offering the digital identity control including the OTP (One Time Password) technology. The use of digital certificate reduces the access breaches caused by using mobile devices.
  • Any business application developed with TROIA can be carried to the CANIAS ERP operating environment immediately and easily without any technical complications. TROIA provides the opportunity to improve the interface and personalize the reports in a few minutes, and its multilingual support facilitates to expedite these tasks more efficiently. With TROIA, design for a database can be achieved free from the platform; thereby the improvement process can be carried on without technical chaos.
  • The TROIA platform allows for multiple access methods. You may access a CANIAS ERP system using a Java client, a web client, JSP connector (if you are utilizing your own web interface) and web services (for utilizing your own server). The clients may be either fixed or mobile terminals.
  • The TROIA platform is scalable. Thanks to TROIA Loadbalancer, CANIAS ERP may be run on more than one server.
  • The TROIA platform incorporates its own language and development environment. TROIA is also the name of the programming language used to develop CANIAS ERP. User interfaces have been developed using the TROIA development environment.
  • CANIAS ERP system source code is open to CANIAS customers. All system source code is maintained within the database system. All applications may be further developed and customized using the TROIA development environment.

WEB Services

TROIA is offering a complete web based application development environment which can be accessed from everywhere any time and free from location constraints so that optimize the productivity to the utmost level.



The SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) enables an interoperable architecture in-order to communicate with other software/applications. It also enables to produce and offer the software in smaller pieces across various application areas instead of a wholesome solution specifically for the organization.

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