The need to access reliable data fast and transform data to enterprise information to fortify your decision making process is more critical than ever.


Technology to Business Solutions

It is our topmost priority to understand your needs and to equip you with a solution that will add real value to your business. caniasERP, with its seamless and unique technology, is a comprehensive, open source, fully flexible, scalable and industry independent ERP solution. It empowers companies to run their operations efficiently and gives them the ability to make decisions faster using reliable data as well as prepare for upcoming business challenges.


We also offer pre-configured   horizontal and vertical solutions, such as CANIAS SME ERP for small and medium size businesses and INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS with all industry specific requirements embedded.


Finally, we’re proud to say that IAS was one of the first ERP suppliers who offered the SaaS (Software as a Service) option to its customers to respond to their requirements with minimum cost. The concept behind SaaS enables you to pay only when you use caniasERP over the Internet, without buying, installing or managing your own servers.


We believe that no matter how advanced the software is, the successful  completion of an ERP implementation project  essentially depends on the quality of the consultancy provided. Therefore, we offer proven business and technology competencies in consulting and training services with professional dedication.


Project Management Methodology

  • We start by creating a project committee that consists of a senior project manager from IAS as well as a technical staff and key line managers from your company.
    • The project committee determines the project objectives and prepares a preliminary project plan.
    • A companywide meeting is held to share objectives and milestones of the project.
  • The project team starts to analyze the system to examine your business processes in detail and to point out the possible improvement areas in your existing system. There are three stages during the analysis phase.
    • In the first stage, again, we are reviewing the company’s workflows.
    • In the second stage, we determine improvement and simplification points in the existing work flows that are deemed necessary to create new workflows.
    • In the final stage, the project team creates new workflows based on the project objectives.
  • After the analysis phase, the project team will prepare a detailed implementation plan based on new work flows, taking into account all your needs, all custom software development points.
  • During the implementation, the project team will manage the data transfer, adaptation of the parameter tables, end user training, additional software development, and module and integration tests as well as related standard and customized reports.
  • After completing all milestones, the project team analyzes achieved project objectives and prepares a project closure report which will be shared with the entire company.
  • After going live, we’ll continue to offer both live phone and on side support and maintenance services including elimination of system errors, transferring legislative changes, and the installation of new versions.


Thanks to caniasERP, hundreds of companies from 26 countries (mostly from Europe and MENA region) have been enjoying to use advanced technology in 13 different languages for over last 20 years.

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