Partnership Program

As a part of our global business strategy, since 1989, we have been helping companies prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges through successful partnerships with our flagship product CANIAS ERP.

We focus on building long-term relations with local companies around the world to support our commitment to customers. Over the years, through successful partnerships with companies high in expertise, professional business approaches and competent personnel, we have delivered our solutions and services more effectively as well as meeting local and industrial requirements.

We strongly believe that together, we can deliver more powerful services to our future customers, strengthen CANIAS ERP’s market penetration and achieve common business goals.


Partnership Types

  • Exclusive Partners These are the partners located in our target countries. In order to be eligible for exclusive partnership, the partner must have both sales and technical staff on board to commit to the defined annual country sales quotas.
  • Solution Partners These are the partners who actively seek sales opportunities and provide implementation and training services in current markets where IAS has corporate offices or partners.
  • Referral Partners These are the partners who don’t wish to be affiliated with ERP implementation but undertake the customer qualification process and provides potential sales leads.