European “Excellence Award”goes to CANIAS ERP

European “Excellence Award”goes to CANIAS ERP

Having participated in the “2014 ERP Excellence Test” conducted by the German GPS research Company, caniasERP was awarded the “Excellence” award.   It has been the only software that managed to score the highest points in the “Flexibility” category.  Having also scored “perfectly” in the “Efficiency” and “User Friendliness” categories, caniasERP managed to secure “very satisfactory” scores in four other different categories.

IAS participated in the “2014 ERP Excellence Test” that was conducted by the corporate resources planning software caniasERP and the German GPS Research Company. 

Having competed in the category of “typical tasks of the contemporary companies and their competence in daily business processes” within “IT & Business” field, caniasERP managed to surpass its rivals.   Having “met all the expectations and requirements very satisfactorily”, caniasERP was awarded with the “2014 ERP Excellence Award”. caniasERP also managed to score “Very Satisfactorily” in the categories of “Controlling the Complex Business Processes of International Groups”, “Flexibility in Compliance with Individual Requests”, “Easy Use” and “Efficiency”.

The test, which was based on performing scenario based tasks before jury members through ERP software, was conducted at the Stuttgart IT & Business Fair on 8-9 October 2014.  The applied test saw six powerful ERP systems provide their own solutions to the fair visitors in the face of the tasks assigned by GPS.

The only software that scored the maximum points:   caniasERP

Following the presentation delivered by IAS, Werner Schmid, a founding member of GPS, maintained the following remarks: “If you are in search of a system that will cover your firm’s requirements, you will find that the biggest difference in the market is the flexibility of the software systems.  In our test, caniasERP proved to be the only software that scored the highest points in terms of flexibility.  Thanks to this flexibility, caniasERP users can easily develop their software in line with their specific requirements at all times in every business type and language without additional charge.” 

IAS Germany Sales Director Timur Küçük, too, stated that the GPS test provided information on IT & Business matters to the firms that were in search of an ERP software, which also enabled them to compare the software systems directly.   Küçük said: “GPS test has created a decision making mechanism with the opportunities it offered.  That is why we place such great importance on the GPS research and take pride in having achieved such great success in this test.”  

Four main business processes have been evaluated

European “Excellence Award” won by CANIAS ERPDuring its performance, IAS demonstrated caniasERP’s solutions for four main business processes that were described as “current and typical for medium sized enterprises” by GPS. 

Having demonstrated the proficiency of caniasERP for e-commerce during the performance of the task called “customer orders through a web platform”, IAS also proved its success in managing a web portal directly through the software itself. 

Another aspect of the test involved a “multiple website management capacity” that was based on the idea of “production extended to the factories at home and in abroad”. caniasERP once again easily convinced the visitors by conducting international planning and checks on production through facilities, capacity and resources.

While presenting the process “supply through a certain route”, IAS also demonstrated caniasERP’s skills for “customer relations”.  One aspect of the process involved the delivery of the shipment, originating from the production facilities, through a certain route.  Another aspect of the task involved the main company delivering the goods -which were ordered through suppliers- through an intermediary and the transportation of the said goods on a certain route.    In this respect, IAS was the only supplier that actually managed to depict the picture of which goods went to whom.

Test on flexibility, efficiency, user friendliness

Evaluated during the test were the criteria regarding flexibility, efficiency and user friendliness in addition to functionality. 

As being the prerequisite of a sustainable adaptation to new market requirements, the concept of flexibility was at the forefront of the comparative test, and was also regarded as a measure of “Technical Competence” by GPS. 

 caniasERP managed to get the “perfect” scores in “user friendliness” and “efficiency” categories just as it did in the “flexibility” category. 

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