Welcome to the Human Resources Department at IAS

IAS, armed with the mission to become a leader in its sector and to produce new technologies that make life more convenient for its customers, considers investment in its human resources as a strategic resolution.

While people have always been central to organizations, today they have taken on an even more central role in building firm's competitive advantage. 

Particularly in knowledge-based companies, such as IAS, success increasingly depends on "people-embodied know-how", the knowledge, skills, and abilities imbedded in our human resources. 

Therefore, we believe establishing a set of core competencies -integrated knowledge sets within our organization that distinguish us from our competitors and deliver value to customers will help IAS to become a global player. 

IAS can achieve sustained competitive advantage through its human resources only if they are able to meet the following criteria;


  1. People should create value. People are a source of competitive advantage when they improve the efficiency or effectiveness of our company. Value is increased when our people find ways to decrease costs, provide something unique to customers, or some combination of the two.
  2. People should make a difference. People are a source of competitive advantage when their skills, knowledge, and abilities are not equally available to competitors.
  3. People should be organized. People are a source of competitive advantage when their talents can be combined and deployed to work on new assignments at a moment's notice. Companies have invested in information technology to help allocate and track employee assignments to temporary projects. Teamwork and cooperation are two other pervasive methods for ensuring an organized workforce.

In accordance with this strategic decision, our goal as the Human Resources Department is to attract the most capable individuals to IAS and to provide them with an environment where they can make a difference with their careers. 

If you would like to become part of a group of individuals who are highly motivated, committed, and utilizing tomorrow's technology and an organization that has been forged and managed by its employees, please send your resume to ik@ias.com.tr