CANIAS ERP is among the Best in Europe

CANIAS ERP is among the Best in Europe

In the survey conducted across Europe by the prestigious software research company Trovarit, caniasERP has consolidated its position among the “leaders” with the successful results it has achieved in the categories of “product quality” and “customer satisfaction”; moreover it has been chosen as the most improved product during the years 2012 and 2014.

Conducted every other year by Trovarit AG -a market research company that offers independent consultancy services in choosing and implementing ERP and business process software systems- the results of the “ERP Experience – Customer Satisfaction / Benefits, Expectations” survey were announced in October this year.

IAS corporate planning software caniasERP has consolidated its position among the leading systems with the success results it got in the fields of “product quality" and "customer satisfaction".  According to an article published on Computerwoche that reviewed the survey conducted by Trovarit, IAS secured its place among the "champions" of the ERP suppliers based on the survey results.

Sezer:  Results shows that we are on the right track 

-IAS Germany General Director Cansever Sezer said: "The fact that the points given by our users were way above the average and that caniasERP was placed among the 'best' category made us very happy.   Such results showed us that we are on the right track and they encouraged us to work even harder to provide better service to our customers."


Sezer also said that the Trovarit's survey served to confirm the "very satisfactory" score obtained from the "Perfection Survey" that was previously made by GPS Research Company in 2014.

caniasERP is among the “top three”

Having secured its place among the “best ones” by the end of the survey conducted across Europe, caniasERP was evaluated among the “top three ERP solutions" by the "Medium-Sized Enterprises which already constitute its own target group.

Such successful results were determined by the positive assessments of the caniasERP users who were as satisfied with the customer services as they were with the software itself; the caniasERP users demonstrated their “General Satisfaction with the System” by rating it 4.2 and their “General Satisfaction with the Supplier” as 4.3 out of a scale of 1 to 5 respectively.

Second in the flexibility category

caniasERP also scored well above the average in the “Adaptation and Flexibility” category and secured the second place in the said category.

“Trend leader of overall satisfaction”

-Survey results also pointed out the significant improvement that caniasERP went through over the last two years.  Topping the “inclination chart” that shows the changes seen in the ERP software systems during the years between 2012 and 2014, caniasERP was evaluated as the "Trend leader of overall satisfaction".

Such improvements as “Software Release” or “Update Services and New Releases” were influential in increasing caniasERP’s score further. In the “Forms and Reports” section, caniasERP proved that it was much more powerful than it was in 2012 by securing a place that was way above the market average.

caniasERP and “Price/Quality Balance”

caniasERP also managed to get very good results from its users with the “Price/Quality Balance”.    While participants rated caniasERP’s price/quality balance 4.4, they rated it 4.2 when comparing the software price with their general satisfaction.

Survey results pointed out the importance of establishing equilibrium between the price and quality of a good ERP system and of reduction of ERP investment costs. Nearly 23 percent of the participants suggested that the ERP investment costs should be in proportion with the quality of the services and products.

Five major expectations from ERP software systems

-According to the survey report, the biggest expectation from ERP investments was "functionality", amounting to about 70 percent of the expectations. That was followed by “practical usage/compatibility for SMEs" with 41 percent, and by “flexibility” with 40 percent, and by “price/benefit balance" with 33 percent and by “expertise and experience of suppliers" with 30 percent.  The report also emphasized the fact that the “significance placed on flexibility has increased greatly over the last decade".

The biggest participation is from Germany

As part of the survey conducted in 2014, Trovarit asked ERP users about their opinions as to their ERP projects and suppliers.  Of the total 2689 ERP user firms that participated in the survey, 2393 entries were taken into account.  About 70 percent of the participants were from Germany.  Germany was followed by the entrants from Switzerland, Austria and Turkey.