CANIAS ERP Goes Mobile

An essential component of any ERP System is undoubtedly its integration policy. The seamless interaction between numerous areas of an ERP system plays a vital role in improving the interconnectivity of corporate processes and information flow within an enterprise. Well-functioning, seamlessly integrated software bears great competitive advantages for enterprises, a concept which applies to every aspect of IT-landscape, including the area of mobile ERP access.

According to IT-Analyst Monica Basso from the market research company Gartner, 90 percent of enterprises will employ mobile devices to access in-house applications by 2014. Eric Quellet, vice presiden­­­­­­­­­t of Gartner, suggests that there will be an increase in the number of attacks on such devices. Consulting company Deloitte’s annual, International Study on IT Security and Trends, confirms the “Bring Your Own Device”-Trend (BYOD). [1]


Advantages of mobile ERP applications


Considering the advantages of mobile access and remote usage of ERP-Systems through mobile devices, IAS has reacted to the mobile trend by developing mobile applications for its ERP-System, CANIAS ERP. A number of mobile applications have already been released which allow users to access CANIAS ERP securely with their companies’ main CANIAS ERP system anywhere and anytime.

Companies which access their CANIAS ERP system through mobile devices benefit in various corporate areas: 

  • Certain processes can be started and monitored through mobile devices, regardless of the type of mobile device used. Notebooks, iPads, iPhones, tablets or other mobile data access equipment can all run CANIAS ERP mobile applications. An increase in flexibility and efficiency in daily work routine results.


  • Through mobile access users gain immediate insights on up to date corporate data. A faster, more appropriate reaction is possible because users are now capable of triggering and intercepting ongoing processes remotely.


  • Improved information management through the use of mobile data acquisition devices: Because of the automatic recording and processing of data in an integrated ERP System, manual and redundant recording and management of data is eliminated.


  • Immediate insights into available stock contributes to a more effective warehouse management:BBecause information on current inventory levels are available on demand anytime and anywhere, immediate statements regarding delivery capacity and improved production planning are possible. Corporate processes can be managed more effectively and efficiently.

There are extensive advantages that speak clearly for the use of mobile applications in corporate processes. Nonetheless, doubt and uncertainty surface when the words “web” and “ERP” appear together. A similar reaction can be observed when subjects like “mobile ERP solutions” and “accessing an enterprises central ERP system per mobile device” are mentioned.

CANIAS ERP Goes Mobile
User concerns

Through the seemingly omnipresent subject „Mobile Security“, found abundantly in recent media topics and studies, one can only begin to imagine user’s doubts and concern regarding the safety of their data while using mobile applications. The loss of a corporate iPhone on the way to a client illustrates one example of the daily and ordinary risks enterprises face when allowing data outside corporate walls. While the monetary aspect of losing the device is most likely trivial to the enterprise, valuable corporate data stored on the device may now fall into the hands of strangers. The ERP data access on the mobile device must therefore be adequately protected. ERP-providers find themselves faced with the challenge of creating long-term security concepts to protect users’ data.

ERP Attributes that will protect your data

The concerns regarding mobile ERP have been taken into consideration by IAS. Measures are currently being taken to provide solutions and answers to data security demands. Since security standards have yet to be defined, the offered standards may vary greatly from supplier to supplier. Because of this, users should clearly determine which security standards their current ERP system is capable of and decide which mobile access security standards may apply for them. One aspect users should examine, for example, is the difference between web capable ERP software and ERP software that is used offline. Web capable software, like CANIAS ERP, does not save data synchronization information on mobile devices. The threat of strangers accessing corporate data on a lost device is eliminated. Results are written directly into the central database, intermediate data is not stored on external devices and new information can be accessed immediately by all designated users. Furthermore, the data access through foreign parties during data transfers is reduced immensely by securing exchange with an SSL encrypted connection and VPN. Successful software integration plays a vital role in data security: A central system greatly reduces data interchange between different areas and applications. Unnecessary security risks that may result from avoidable data interchange, common to stand-alone IT solutions, are eliminated.

Because of CANIAS ERP’s open source and plattform independent features, data security standards are high. Strong seamless process integration and a centralized system also contribute to high data safety standards. IAS’ applications create an environment well suited for mobile ERP access by meeting security requirement which allow users to safely work with valuable corporate, employee and client data remotely.

The following table illustrates areas in which mobile CANIAS ERP applications exist and shortly introduces some of the functionalities:


CANIAS ERP Inventory Mobile

CANIAS ERP Inventory Mobile provides the following functionalities:

  • Delivery note: scan delivery note numbers and post goods issues.
  • Goods Order: scan order numbers and post goods receipts.
  • Transfer: relocate goods from one storage bin to another.
  • Inventory enquiry: scan material numbers and gain an overview of the available stock.
  • Stock Adjustments: scan stock adjustment receipts and material numbers and specify material amount.

CANIAS ERP Production Mobile

CANIAS ERP Production Mobile provides the following functionalities:
  • Enables user to record production order confirmations
  • Production begin & end
  • Setup begin & end
  • Define production quantities
  • Trigger feedback transactions by scanning production order conformation numbers.
  • The duration of equipment and production processes is calculated automatically and leads to greater insights on procedures.

CANIAS ERP Warehouse Management Mobile

  • The application assists in managing warehouse processes efficiently. Warehouse structures, for example, can be charted, analyzed and optimized according to specific economic aspects.
  • Goods receipts, goods issues and transfers within the warehouse are controlled by the mobile application. Additionally, operative procedures can be processed through the application.
  • Potential sources of error are reduced through fluent data transfers and by using connected mobile terminals and forklifts.

CANIAS ERP Asset Management Mobile

  • The application allows a detailed surveillance of corporate property as well as asset administration.
  • The entire life cycle of an asset, from entry to disposal, is recorded. It can be accessed per mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • Further information, such as the deprecation, interests or the insurance value of an asset can be examined remotely.
  • Analyses and simulations, like the development of deprecation over a certain period of time, provide crucial information on the performance and value of assets in a long and short term manner.
  • The application provides detailed, remote insights on assets. This flexibility represents an immense advantage when managing external assets, such as cargo ships.