IAS Partner Network Program Benefits

Our partners play a critical role in our overall strategy. Yet, we know that it may be a challenging task to develop market awareness. Hence, IAS focuses on supporting our partners to build a sustainable and profitable business through IAS Partnership Program offering valuable marketing, sales, technical and training resources and incentives.


Marketing & Sales Support *

  • Dedicated IAS Market Development Fund for your local market
  • Joint marketing campaigns on search engines, portals, print ads (sponsored by IAS)
  • Trade shows, hotel presentations in the first two years (sponsored by IAS)
  • One week on site sales and presentation training (Free of Charge)
  • Live technical demo support (Free of Charge)
  • Free License for the first customer
  • 100% license commission for next 50 Users
  • 50 % commission for all license  sales in the second year
  • Competitive commission rates for license and maintenance services in the following years
  • Opportunity to sell your own add-on extensions


Technical & Training Support*

  • Joint implementation for the first two projects
  • Localization and translation support for your country (Free of Charge)
  • Multilingual help documents
  • Dedicated Technical Solution Manager and Software Help desk
  • Quarterly bulletin for updates in CANIAS ERP
  • Full cycle CANIAS ERP implementation training (Free of Charge)
  • Training on TROIA Programing Language (Free of Charge)