CANIAS ERP and Web Services

CANIAS ERP provides implementation of web services, the preferred integration method of our day, and these implementations comply with the specific scenarios as required by customers. Thus, organizations using CANIAS ERP can readily implement web service access to the modules they are currently using. All that is required is to authorize access to the web services for the corresponding modules from within the system configuration settings. 

It is also now possible to easily access web services that are provided by external organizations from within CANIAS ERP applications. TROIA programming language has the required commands and the accompanying parameters to provide access to web services. Specifically, calling a web service from within the TROIA programming language requires a single line of code. 

One of the false myths is that web services are lacking with respect to security. In addition to web services that use SSL communication for verification, the TROIA module functionality also makes use of the security infrastructure provided by the CANIAS ERP platform. Access levels, as well as authorizations to those TROIA components that are offered as web services, can all be configured. 

CANIAS ERP, with its support for web services, is an ERP platform that is compliant with "Service Oriented Architecture" concept. The web services support is already being used by several of CANIAS ERP customers. Additionally, CANIAS ERP has certified its web services support and its compliance with service oriented architecture through its "IBM SOA Certified" branding. 

Ekrem Aksoy
Software Engineer

About the author: 
Ekrem Aksoy works as a software engineer at IAS Software R&D Department. He is also a university instructor, teaching courses in software engineering, and object-oriented programming. He is working on his thesis towards a Ph.D.