Implementing Barcode Applications Using CANIAS ERP

You can employ barcode solutions in all CANIAS ERP related applications without the need for third-party software. The primary applications that call for barcode functionality are those involving inventory transactions and entry of data relating to production and manufacturing. CANIAS ERP's inventory transactions screens allow direct data entry using barcode scanners. Therefore, you can enter such attributes as material ID, lot number and serial number into the system by scanning the barcode entailing this information. 

Additionally, you can simplify standard application screens and allow data entry to be realized through barcodes only. This system-wide functionality is especially pertinent in case of Production Planning and Control applications. Specifically, use of application screens that eliminate operator errors during the entry of end-of-job approvals into the system present additional value by allowing real-time capture of production data. Using barcode scanners, you can enter into the system the ID of the operator performing the entry, approval information relating to the job order operation, and the work center where the operation is being performed. Other areas of application that come to mind are Service Management and Maintenance Management applications. Data associated with production end-of-job approvals, service job orders and maintenance job orders can all be entered into the system using barcode applications. 

Again, one of the primary benefits of using CANIAS ERP with barcode applications is the ability to incorporate barcode figures within print outputs that are directly generated by the system, without the use of any third-party software. This allows for both inventory-related documentation and job order output to be printed with accompanying barcode figures. 

In summary:

  • You can print all CANIAS ERP outputs with barcode figures, without the need for third-party software.
  • You can perform data entry using barcode scanners in all CANIAS ERP applications, without the need for third-party software.
  • Using TROIA, you can design simple screens for those data entry applications where opportunity for data entry errors is high, and allow data entry to be performed using barcode scanners only. 

Ilhan Etemoglu 
Industrial Enginner - IAS Turkey